Action Items

Petition: Remove Secrecy Policies at TVDSB

Please sign CPAL’s petition to request that TVDSB remove its parental secrecy policies.

Click here.

1 Million March 4 Children, Round 2!

There will be another protest to protect parental rights this weekend, Saturday October 22st, 12 pm at Victoria Park in London.

PETITION: Canada should withdraw from the UN and all of its subsidiary organizations, including WHO

Please visit our substack article to learn more.

brass quilt pen
brass quilt pen

Petition link: click here.

1 Million March 4 Children in London

The London, 1MillionMarch4Children protest will be held at the Thames Valley District School Board office at 1250 Dundas St, in London, at 11 am on September 20th.

Read more on our substack.

Justice for Richard Bilkszto: Sign the Petition and/or Send an email to your MPP to demand an inquiry.

Richard Bilkszto was a Toronto principal who took his own life after being bullied over a false charge of racism during a DEI training program at the Toronto District School Board.

Read more here and sign the petition.

Sign the petition, contact Premier Higgs and/or send a message to the MLAs even if you don't live in New Brunswick, this could have an impact Canada-wide.

four boy playing ball on green grass
four boy playing ball on green grass
Support Premier Blaine Higgs in his strong stand in support of parents and families.
Sexually Explicit Books in TVDSB Libraries

Have you seen the viral videos featuring parents and their children voicing their concerns about pornographic books in school libraries? For example, here, here, and here. Many of these books have been rightfully criticized due to the obscene content and pornographic images in the books.

Sexually explicit books in school libraries aren't just found in faraway cities. They exist in schools in the Thames Valley District School Board(TVDSB) in London, Ontario, too.

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Good News! The book Fun Home was deleted as of June 28/2023

Petition: Tell Ontario government to stop questioning kids about their sexuality and gender identity

Please sign this petition to demand that Stephen Lecce, Ontario’s Minister of Education, end the Student Census in Ontario and stop forcing schools to ask young children about their gender identity and sexual interests.

Rebel News has a petition to sign as well. Sign both.

Stop Classroom Grooming

TVDSB has circulated this survey!

person in orange long sleeve shirt writing on white paper
person in orange long sleeve shirt writing on white paper
TVDSB's Website Resource: The 519

Why is the board linking to a website that suggests trans women should sell their bodies for money?

TVDSB provides a link to The 519 as a resource for LGBT+ students seeking information and support. The content found on this website is deeply concerning. It includes a sex guide that endorses sex work as a viable means of paying for transition surgeries while describing it as both financially beneficial and validating for one's identity: " a self-esteem boost”.

Contact the school board and let them know what you think.
TVDSB School Board Administration
TVDSB Trustees

Read more on our substack.

We are joining Parents Rights Day of Action in their Call to Action to keep our children home on June 9th, 2023. This action informs the school boards that gender ideology should be removed from schools and that the sexualization of our children will no longer be tolerated. If you agree with us, you can silently protest by keeping your child/children home on June 9th.

Campaign Life Coalition is also planning a protest on June 1st.
Show your support for these issues by keeping your kids at home on June 1st and/or June 9th.

Keep Your Kids Home June 1st/9th
I Stand with Josh Alexander Walkout Protest

Josh Alexander is demanding a ban on biological males using female restrooms and change rooms. Will you stand with Josh Alexander and millions of women?

On May 17th walkout protesters across the nation will present the "Principle Letter" to the administration of their local school.

Read more about this action here.

Petition: Trustee Ashby Must Resign

Wendy Ashby has shown prejudice based on race and religion, which shows she is unfit to represent her white Christian constituents as a trustee, and she should resign. Please sign PAFE's petition.

Update: Trustee Ashby Resigned!

Disgraced trustee Wendy Ashby resigned her position as trustee of the Waterloo Catholic District school board, according to a statement she released on Sunday night.

Petition: Justice for Josh

The Renfrew County Catholic School Board is persecuting Josh Alexander because of politics and ideology.

Josh was barred entry to his school because he expressed his beliefs against the woke and unscientific gender ideology, and declared that there are only two genders. If you support Josh, sign the petition and demand the school board create a washroom policy that prevents people from using the washroom of the opposite sex!